Pastors, staff, leaders

Interim Pastor

Pastor SkipRev. Skip Macaulay joined us in October 2011 and will stay with us until we are prepared to welcome Eliot's next pastor. He has directed us through a mission study and a self-assessment and we have now formed a Pastor Nominating Committee.

Pastor Skip is experienced with churches that have faced difficult times. He is moderator for the PCUSA Synod of the Northeast’s program supporting first-call pastors. He is also is a member of the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Presbytery of Northern New England. 

A second-career pastor who was employed in the environmental business world for 25 years, Pastor Skip’s deep ethical roots in church, community, and scouting led him to commit to a life in the church. He graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and was sitting in a Hebrew class on his 50th birthday.

Pastor Skip lives in Vermont with his wife and their son. Through his interim ministry at Eliot Church, he is living in Lowell during his work weeks, so that he can integrate into the city and be available for pastoral care, meetings, and group discussions.

Cambodian Chaplain

Thysan SamOrdained at Eliot Church on April 15, 2007, Rev. Dr. Thysan Sam is the second Cambodian to be ordained to the ministry in the PC USA.

He is a leader in the National Presbyterian Cambodian Council, the National Asian Presbyterian Council, and the Steering Committee of Southeast Asian Ministries.

Thysan received his Doctor of Ministry at Andover Newton Theological Seminary.

Church Organist and Choir Director

Sue Dill is classically trained in piano, choral directing and voice. She teaches in the Music Department at Middlesex Community College and is well integrated into the area's musical community.

Sue became Eliot's organist and choir director in June 2011 and brings her energy and expertise to all of Eliot's choirs, as well as to playing organ and piano in worship services.

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Office Administrator

Laurie Montgomery-College became Eliot's office administrator in August 2012; she feels she has been called by God to serve the church. She brings strong technical skills to the job, as well as the ability to make people feel welcome and loved.

When she’s not in the office putting together Eliot's Sunday bulletins, Laurie enjoys doing “all things crafty and artistic.” Through her own church she is joyfully involved in local mission work as well as a mission to the area of Huntington, West Virginia, where she works with youth, sharing God’s word while making homes warm, safe and dry. 

Pastor Nominating Committee

Eliot Church elected its PNC in October, 2013. The committee's tasks include writing Eliot's Mission Information Form and then reading and considering information from pastors who are interested in serving Eliot Church. In the end they will present one pastor nominee to the congregation.


Elders and Deacons

Elders and Deacons are appointed by the Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation. They are ordained. Active Elders and Deacons serve a three-year term.


Elders share in the ministry and governing of Eliot. They assist in serving communion and work with the Pastor to encourage the congregation in the worship and service of God.

Elders exercise leadership and discipline and are responsible for the needs of the church at large, including ecumenical relationships. Twelve Elders sit actively in Session, each serving a three-year term. Each Elder generally serves on a committee.

Pictured here is the Session of Eliot Church as of March, 2014 (photo by Michael Sheu).


The office of Deacon is set forth in Scripture as one of sympathy, witness, and service, after the example of Jesus Christ.

Deacons minister to those in need – to the sick, to shut-ins, and to those are in distress, both within Eliot and the community at large. Eight members currently sit in the office of Deacon, each serving a three-year term.