You Are Invited: Field Trip to House of Hope

The Outreach Committee invites you to visit House of Hope on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. We will share some pizza and learn about the organization, and we will have a tour of their buildings.

From their website: House of Hope uses solutions-based programs and permanent housing services to make a real impact in ending homelessness.

House of HopeRead more

Field Trip to the African Community Center

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field trip 15
Julius Mokoro

More than 30 members of Eliot headed to the ACCL after worship on Sunday, July 23. At the center, they watched the 60 Minutes episode about the "Lost Boys" of Sudan, a powerful introduction to the refugee experience.

After the video presentation, everyone headed upstairs for pizza and conversation. Gordon told a bit of the history of the center, whichRead more

"Our Mission is Simple, but Deep"

Eliot’s Outreach Committee shares information each quarter about a local organization that does mission work. People of Eliot Church may be interested in praying for these organizations, telling others about them, or even volunteering to help with their work. This spring, we present the African Community Center of Lowell.

The African Community Center of Lowell was founded in August 2016.Read more

Panel Discussion: Crisis in Cameroon

Dear Eliot Church Family in Christ;

In November 2016, a bloody political crisis erupted in Cameroon, resulting in the death, rape and mass persecution of nonviolent citizens in the English-speaking region of Cameroon. Today, seven months later, the persecution continues, with deliberate government policies that have led to internet blackout, followed by kidnappings, disappearances, mass abductions, mass killings and massRead more