This Old Church: Working from Roof to Floor


Lori Hoffman

We have been busy this past summer and fall with many repairs and fix-ups.

Our kitchen floor problem has finally been diagnosed and proper repair methods devised.

You may know that under the floor of the kitchen, the ground is about 6 inches below the floor. No usable beams or other methods of attachment to the surrounding floor existed,Read more

You Are Invited: Field Trip to House of Hope

The Outreach Committee invites you to visit House of Hope on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. We will share some pizza and learn about the organization, and we will have a tour of their buildings.

From their website: House of Hope uses solutions-based programs and permanent housing services to make a real impact in ending homelessness.

House of HopeRead more

Library Gallery

Given the recent renovation of the library at Eliot Church, the Building Committee saw an opportunity for new uses of the space. One new use is the opening of an art gallery. While the content of artworks in the church gallery need not be particularly spiritual in nature, we believe that the very act of artistic expression and creativity is inRead more

Financial notes

Kitchen floor project

People both inside Eliot Church and beyond have responded generously to our appeal for money to pay for the repair of the kitchen floor. As of September, $13,000 has been received.

Charly Ott and Kevin Taing made a plan for the work, which includes some excavation underneath the rotted floor, placement of pressure-treated 2x6 beams, sheets of water-proofRead more

Cambodian ministry

Pastor Thysan has served in a variety of capacities at Eliot Church over the past 21 years, but one person cannot indefinitely lead a ministry. A leadership structure is necessary for long and vital ministry.

In order to deepen our commitment to Cambodian ministry, the Session of Eliot Church, along with Pastors Heather Prince Doss and Thysan Sam, is recommendingRead more