Life Project for Rural Cambodians

Children of God


Mission Children
Rev. Thysan Sam

While in Cambodia with the Life Project, I met 42 children who live in graveyard and dumpster area. 

They were transported to a mission home in the city. Volunteers cleaned them up and cut their hair.

After cleaning they were fed and dressed up with new clothes. We also gave them backpacks and sneakers. 

Please pray for these children, and helpRead more

Children in need in Cambodia

Cambodia girl 1.jpg

Cambodia girl 1
Rev. Thysan Sam

I would like you to let you know and pray for these beautiful children. They are in hospice home. The big one is positive with AIDS. Her parents were positive with AIDS. While she was taking care of her dying mother, her father raped her. After her mom died, the father also died a few months later. Her deadly disease was transmittedRead more

Life Project trip 2015

Cambodia Medical

Cambodia Medical
courtesy of Thysan Sam

In May and June, Rev. Thysan Sam spent seven weeks in Cambodia, traveling alone this time on behalf of the Life Project for Rural Cambodians.

The Life Project had raised funds for water wells, school uniforms, and mobile medical clinics. While Thysanwas in Cambodia this year, he oversaw the building of four wells in rural villages in Provinces of KampongCham and Tbong Khmum, and a waterRead more

Making connections, making a difference

Suon Chan, Rev. Thysan Sam, Cendy Som, Nga (Mary) Uy and I left Lowell on Nov. 4, 2013, to go to Cambodia to teach and provide basic health assistance to families in rural Cambodia.

Thysan used money from contributions to buy supplies of hygiene packets (toothpaste, shampoo, combs, nail clippers, and toothbrushes), along with children’s Bible books and a lotRead more

Mobile medical ministry

In 2012, my wife and I planned to take a three-week vacation to spend time with our families and travel for our own pleasure in Cambodia. But finally we decided to participate in providing mobile medical ministries and water wells with support from our Eliot Cambodians and other Buddhist friends in the Lowell area. During our trip to Cambodia inRead more